Kimiyagran Sanat Toos Company, as a trading company with 25 years of experience in the industry of import, export and production of various chemical raw materials and detergents, has been able to establish extensive international relations with Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asian countries. Its good and friendly relations in these countries have gained considerable power in the region. This company is one of the few Iranian companies with its experienced staff in attracting investors from neighboring Central Asian countries, China, Africa and other countries. By using its offices in Afghanistan, China, Iraq (Erbil), Tajikistan and experienced personnel, it has been able to make significant progress in obtaining foreign investment licenses and investor residency.

In order to meet the needs of customers and investors and having different departments in the field of research and development, as well as providing formulations to companies and setting up detergent factories in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, this group is one of the active actors in the field of chemical raw materials with products. Household and industrial detergents with ebony brand in Iran. It also invites all foreign investors who want to create job opportunities in Iran to cooperate with the aim of attracting foreign investors and increasing international exchanges.

Foreign investors include Aria Armaghane Detergent Company of Afghanistan and Ayaran Siddiqui Trading Company (Private Joint Stock Company) registered in the Companies Registration Office in Herat, Afghanistan under the management of Mr. Mohammad Yaghoub Siddiqui and with the right to sign binding documents according to an advertisement published in the official newspaper.


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Kimiyagran Sanat Toos Company, managed by Mr. Mohammad Reza Mons Toosi, is one of the present activists in the field of chemical raw materials. This company started its activity in 2001 with the production of household detergents with ebony brand, and in 2009 it changed its procedure from production to trade and is a leader in supplying raw materials for detergent and chemical factories, as well as importing and exporting cereals.

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