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        Block 53 - Nourbakhsh 9 - Ershad 9 - Ershad Blv.- Khayyam Blv.
Mashhad - IRAN

Postal Code:   9185934796

      Land line:   +985137611871
      Mobile:       +989150010051     +989155100051          
      Fax:                  +98517611871
      Email:             info @

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ورودی نامعتبر
ورودی نامعتبر
ورودی نامعتبر

Kimiyagran Sanat Toos Company, managed by Mr. Mohammad Reza Mons Toosi, is one of the present activists in the field of chemical raw materials. This company started its activity in 2001 with the production of household detergents with ebony brand, and in 2009 it changed its procedure from production to trade and is a leader in supplying raw materials for detergent and chemical factories, as well as importing and exporting cereals.

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